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about browse offline

browse offline engine has been created for the needs of a personal project and for the eager of learning new things. I decided to wrap it with a pretty interface and share it with you.

This project would not have been implemented if I didn't wanted to learn Html Agility Pack library, a library for html DOM selection and manipulation. Downloading sites may seems an easy task for an experienced programmer, since it is just Html files and hyperlinks, but it's not. When parsing a web site the urls are not always at the desired format and the navigation of the site may not even relay at links. The images are not always embedded in page using the img tag and you cannot know the file type before you download it...

I hope I have created a good website downloader and when it reaches version 1.0 will be mature enough to compete commercial and free software.

Please donate if you like the software and you want to encourage me to continue developing browse offline. The software is free (GPL, libre/free software) and it will be free forever.